How to make your medical office relaxing

By Brooke Strickland

The doctor’s office, for many patients, is a place of stress or fear. Ask most people what their first reaction is when they say “doctor’s office” and you’ll likely get a response that is the opposite of relaxation. And while you can never really take complete stress out of a patient’s doctor’s office experience, there are ways to make the office a more tranquil and relaxing place.

Tip #1: Staff should be friendly, unhurried, and have a calming presence. The first person your patient will see is the person at the front desk. Training your staff to have a calm and reassuring tone when interacting with people can help patients feel more at ease.

Tip #2: Décor is important! Stark white walls aren’t the most comforting color. Instead, choose warm color tones that make the patient feel comfortable and at home. Consider getting comfortable chairs or loveseats in the waiting room that remind the person of home. On the walls, consider hanging encouraging quotes or calming phrases that keep the person’s mind off their stress. Fresh flowers can also add a nice touch

Tip #3: Calming music is a good thing. Quiet, relaxing music such as piano or other classical tunes can have a natural calming effect on people. Avoid overplayed, annoying tunes and go for something neutral and soothing.

Tip #4: Keep neatness and cleanliness as top priority. This may seem obvious, but keeping the office clean, free of dust, stains, or other grime is key. Seeing a dirty or unkempt waiting room may signal to the patient that the actual exam room is dirty, and this could send them running out the door.

Boosting the mood, feel, and presentation of your office is important and can say a lot about you as a doctor.