Why cosmetic physicians should encourage online reviews

By Brooke Strickland

Being a cosmetic physician in some ways is different than other types of medicine. A patient comes in one way, and leaves another way. This is true for other areas of medicine, but with cosmetic medicine, doctors have the chance to help change a patient in sometimes dramatic, outward ways. So, when you have a positive outcome with a cosmetic procedure and a patient leaves your office thrilled with their end result, an online review can mean a world of good for your practice!

Why is this important?

Patients have a physical before and after result that they can not only talk about, but that they can show as well! This kind of endorsement can be huge. New customers looking for reviews online describing the transformation a patient has undergone because of your quality care can mean you’ve instantly gained credibility in the eyes of someone who has never visited you or your office.

Second, these types of reviews can help potential patients put their trust in you. If they see someone come through the same procedure they’re considering with amazing results, they’ll be more apt to trust your skill.

So, if you’re a cosmetic physician that has a base of patients that are completely satisfied with their results, simply ask them to leave a positive review for you. One review can go a long way and can reach patients that you never could have reached yourself.