Why should doctors blog

By Brooke Strickland

The world of blogs has exploded. It’s usually free. It’s easy to use – almost as easy as writing an email. These are just some of the reasons why blogs have become a go-to Internet outlet. Blogs, for many people, have become their diaries, their journals. They pour their heart out, hit post, and instantly, the world can read it. But as a doctor, using a blog can be an extremely valuable way to grow your practice, and for several reasons.

First, many people out there think doctors have a clinical, scientific, and maybe even a robotic personality. But with blogs, your patients can see the human side of you, if you so choose. Many doctors today are choosing to use blogs to capture their patient’s attention and even capture their hearts with their real and honest posts. Writing about what is important to you, medical or non-medical gives your patients a greater understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

Second, you can use a blog to promote your practice. Many doctors have a blog with medical articles that are related to their practice, or related to the general healthcare field. This is a great way to see that you are passionate about total patient care and that you want to share your knowledge with people in an easy to understand format.

As with any social media platform, it’s important to keep your blog professional and clean of anything offensive or discriminatory. And most of all – be sure there are no references to specific patient stories or names, as to not violate privacy terms.

Using a blog can be valuable tool to not only describe your practice and yourself as the doctor in a new light, but also gain a steady base of new patients.