How to get more patient reviews

By Brooke Strickland

Getting recommendations written down can be difficult. People are busy going about their lives and we all know how busy our days can get. So, how do you get patients to set aside part of their day to write a positive review for your practice? There are some ways to asked tactfully for reviews from your patients.

First of all, choose patients that you have treated for a long period of time. Loyal patients are more apt to set aside some time to write a glowing review for you. Next, try to ask them personally, in the office, after their appointment is completed. If you talk to them while they’re in your office rather than sending them a letter of request, there’s a greater chance they’ll make the time to do it. Once you ask them personally, follow up with a reminder e-mail and explain the reasons why you’ve chosen them.

Next, if they agree to do leave a review, make sure that it’s simple and they don’t feel overwhelmed. Give them a quick link to go to and make sure they know it doesn’t have to be a page long review. A few, quick, and accurate sentences are great and effective to building your reputation. Or, because many individuals are more comfortable leaving reviews on paper, using Credential Protection’s unique paper review process is a great way to get real, accurate reviews from your patients. First, patients are given paper review forms to fill out, they sign the form to verify their review is really from them and to give permission to release information and post their review online. Once they have been verified, Credential Protection converts paper reviews into an electronic format that is recognized by search engines and highlighted with star ratings on Internet search results.

Whatever you do, make the process simple and even fun for your patients. If you do this, you’ll see more and more reviews coming in.