Honesty: The patient-doctor bond

By Brooke Strickland

Seeing honesty in the world is becoming more and more of a rarity. And honesty online is no different – it has become a place to vent frustrations and post reviews whether they’re completely honest or not. But this honesty goes both ways. In fact, a recent study showed that some doctors aren’t being honest with their patients and in fact, 10% of the 2,000 doctors studied said that they told their patients something completely untrue in the last year and 20% said that they had not fully explained an error for fear of being sued for malpractice.[1]

So, honesty here goes two ways. We can’t expect patients to be honest about our practice unless we are in fact honest with them first. Finding ways to connect with your patients, be as open as possible, and spend time answering their questions is the first step to creating a bond that will yield honestly positive reviews on the web. Not cultivating this type of patient-doctor relationship is only disastrous in the end and can only leave dissatisfied patients and the potential for more negative, false reviews.

If you’ve been honest with your patients and have worked to promote a solid connection with the patients you see on a daily basis and you’re still seeing the effects of false online reviews, contact Credential Protection to see how you can get Verified Reviews® to build the credibility of practice and positive reputation you deserve.


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