Medicare Cuts and Marketing Dollars

By Brooke Strickland

With Medicare cuts happening, investing your marketing dollars wisely is more important than it ever has been. Marketing means understanding and adapting to an ever-changing landscape in the medical field today. Investing in old marketing tactics such as Yellow Pages ads or direct mail simply won’t yield the results that you once saw. Instead, putting your marketing efforts into the Internet and the incredible potential to tap into an unreached base of patients is the way to see direct growth in your practice.

Most doctors know that word of mouth marketing is one of the best, if not the best way to get new patients in to see you. When someone they know and respect tells them they had a great experience at your office, they are more apt to trust this recommendation and make an appointment. But how does this word of mouth marketing translate to the digital age? Verified Reviews is the best form of word of mouth marketing on the Internet.

For example, build up a solid base of verified reviews with positive recommendations on your practice. This not only shows to prospective patients that you have a loyal group of satisfied patients – this is one of the first things patients are looking for when researching new doctors. Next, use these verified reviews to your advantage. Create a small ad with the name of your practice, your website, and phone number, then display on the ad that you have a 5 Star Rating (based on 100 Verified Reviews) from patients. Use this ad in your Internet advertising tactics, on partner websites, on your webpage, on your Facebook page, or other places you’ve chosen to advertise online. This not only gives you the chance to gain exposure of your practice, but also to see that you have a great reputation with your patients.

It’s word of mouth marketing at its finest.