Engaging your patients on Facebook

By Brooke Strickland

Facebook has taken over the way people interact with each other. Not only this, but it has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers and how doctors interact with their patients.

For many medical practices, using a Facebook page has been a last resort in marketing efforts, simply because it can be time consuming and overwhelming to new users. But creating a Facebook page for your practice is not only well worth the time invested, but can steadily bring in new patients. In fact, patients today are looking for you on Facebook and if you don’t have a Facebook page, they’ll question if you’re completely up on technology today. For many patients, if you don’t have a Facebook page, they’ll write you off and go on to find another doctor’s office that does keep a strong social media presence.

For these reasons, it’s extremely necessary to establish your Facebook page and start connecting. Once you have a page set up and you have built a base of followers, start focusing on engaging your patients and those that are following your page. How do you do this?

- Offer a giveaway for patients to “like” your page. (example: pick a random patient that follows your page and send them a gift card every month)

- Don’t use every post to promote your practice. Instead, find content that relates to your patients that gets them to like or comment on the post. (example: find a witty cartoon and post it, post a picture of you and your staff having fun around the office, or post a question that will get patients thinking and willing to leave feedback)