3 keys to winning patients in the digital age

By Brooke Strickland

Some practices have a seemingly endless amount of new patients coming through their doors. For others, it’s harder to find new patients. However, one thing is for sure: patients nowadays are finding doctors in new ways, primarily through the Internet. We’ve compiled three key ways to win patients and keep them coming back to see you.

Attract patients to your web properties.First of all, make sure that your website is easy to read, easy to find, and has the necessary information that your patients need to know. Next, consider offering a contest or an incentive for website visitors. Invite visitors to leave their email address for a chance to win a gift card or another gift. In addition, register your site with all key search engines and promote your site on related mailing lists or practice groups. Also, consider creating an online newsletter that patients can receive via their mobile devices and make sure that your website, Twitter, or Facebook account are on your letterhead and other office material. Wherever your name is, so there should be your website info.

Engage patients with patient-doctor narratives. Having an online presence that shows both verified patient reviews as well as verified doctor reviews is key to maintaining a solid, reputable presence online. By partnering with trusted review sites such as MedRounds, you can be sure that reviews are posted by real patients and that false reviews do not occur. Retain patients & have them refer you via the Internet. Retain patients by spending quality, unrushed, one-on-one time with them. This time allows your patients to feel more connected and loyal to you and in turn, they’ll talk about their positive experience to their friends and family. In addition, try to get them to leave a review before they leave your office. Many times patients will leave your office and go onto their day forgetting to leave an online review for you. So getting them to leave feedback before they walk out the door is a great way to build up a steady base of good referrals!

In today’s age of advertising, there are so many methods available to increase exposure of your practice, not only to attract new patients but to help retain already established ones.