Why are Verified Reviews® Needed to Protect Doctors? - Open Letter from Physician Advisory Board

By Credential Protection

Open letter from Our Physician Advisory Board

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

A group of my closest colleagues and I have created a dynamic online review system which now can be deployed to help you and your practice fight a winning battle against the Internet and negative reviews and generate 5-10 new patients per month!

I am an ophthalmologist and founder of Credential Protection®, Medrounds™ and Pearls in Ophthalmology™. Many of my colleagues joined me to create our system of Verified Reviews™ because we began to have negative reviews appear online from the same patients writing numerous reviews, drug seeking patients unhappy we did not write a prescription, reviews from disgruntled former staff and even false reviews from competitors.

My passion was ignited by a patient writing a review online calling me a “money grubber” while I was providing free clinical services to the unemployed in my community. After sharing my experience with my colleagues, they shared that they were having similar experiences and we decided to do something about it.

Our service eliminates the need for high priced attorneys or gag orders to squash negative reviews and is over 10 times more likely to produce reviews than online review software solutions. Now when a patient or doctor refers you or your colleague, you will know with confidence that you and your colleagues are star rated and will appear head and shoulders above the competition. The Internet is the new word of mouth and is replacing yellow page directories as the preferred method to find health care professionals.

We look forward to protecting you against potentially negative reviews while adding new patients.


Andrew P. Doan, MD, PhD Ben Glasgow, MD Jordan Graff, MD

Andrew Lee, MD Aaron Miller, MD Young Kwon, MD, PhD

Brian Lerner, MD Renee Lerner, MD Hunter Newsom, MD

Thomas Oetting, MD Ron Pelton, MD, PhD