Online Reputation Management for Doctors - Katie Couric reports

By Brooke Strickland

Credential Protection's Verified Doctor Reviews® protects both physician and patient to fix a severely unjust, broken, unregulated, and horrible online review system that is a natural magnet for negative reviews.

One of our doctor advisory board members states all his negative reviews are related to insurance billing problems and patients who refuse to pay his surgical fee after receiving surgery. Several Credential Protection doctors are victims of patients who are drug seeking and are angry because an ethical doctor did not prescribe pain medications to support a drug addiction.

Dr. Andrew Doan was a victim of a bad review after opening his practice. Someone wrote "MONEY GRUBBER" on a third party online review website one day after the grand opening of his practice. Dr. Doan spent 17 years of his life studying to be a physician & surgeon, did not receive his first position until age 35, was a full-funded MD-PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins, and has an esteemed curriculum vitae ( Dr. Doan devoted most of his adult life working so that he can serve other patients in a professional and ethical manner, only to be attacked online by an anonymous person. Dr. Doan was likely a victim of a competing doctor or disgruntled associate because he spent most of his time in the clinic seeing Medical Rescue Mission patients at no charge in the clinic - not billing the patients and giving glasses away at no cost for those who cannot afford glasses.

The above video is used for educational purposes and does not imply celebrity endorsement.

Letter from a colleague:

My two partners have recently been the victims of some inappropriate bad reviews on an online review site and yesterday I found a bad review on me on a different website. The review is false and may not even be from a real patient or a patient who doesn't understand his/her condition.

This review system is rapidly becoming impossible to monitor and desperately unfair against the physician. The posts are completely anonymous and the "poster" is free from risk of Libel suit or other recourse. The physician usually has no ability or forum to respond. Additionally, our practice is not like a plumber or auto mechanic. We are dealing with the most complex system on earth and people with no training or limited understanding become angry when things don't go their way. That does not necessarily mean the physician is at fault.

Anyway, how well do these reputation sites work? I will probably sign up for yours. I would be interested in joining your team if you ever need additional help/revenue as I feel very strongly about fighting back against this new agent in this war on doctors that seems to be going on.

Dr. E. Black